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B Street Digital – Online Marketing Accelerator – 1 Day Workshop

Feb 29th | 9:30 am - 5:00 pm UTC+0

Quick introduction to the workshop and a personal message from your course leaders

Marketing your business online can be hard and expensive.

When I meet an excited and competent business owner, freelancer, startup or straight up entrepreneur at a party, workshop or gathering…the moment I tell them I am a digital marketer, the conversation goes like this…’’Ok so my business is xyz, and I have been told I should definitely be blogging, and be on Instagram. But I think I should be on Linked In? By the way do you do Google AdWords? Facebook Ads? Email Marketing? How do I even capture these emails? Does your company create websites also? How much does a website cost? Please don’t tell me I need to use TikTok, I just about got my business to 1,000 followers on Instagram.’’

(At which point I say, “really sorry, I suddenly got an urge to visit the loo!”)

Don’t worry if this sounds like you or what your staff say to you, it’s completely normal!

(Which means I have mastered that art of leaving the conversation with the most creative of escape excuses).

So, everything we’ve learned in our 10 years+ speaking with startups, freelancers and business owners and marketing their businesses online has made us realise that online marketing or digital marketing as it’s typically referred to is a labyrinth of tools, techniques, funnels, buzzwords, new trends, quick fixes, growth hacks and it’s full of information that only applies to the techy people.

Which leaves the startup, freelancer or business owner overwhelmed and asking “what do I need to do exactly?”

This new workshop is 10+ years in the making and is here to answer that very fundamental question.

How should YOUR business market itself online in 2020? (Your being the key word here if I didn’t emphasise it enough)

This workshop forms the foundational step that we know all freelancers, small and medium sized business owners (and employees) will benefit from, which in turn will allow you to go on and make the right marketing changes within your business.


Feb 29th
9:30 am - 5:00 pm UTC+0
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