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Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and NFT’s

Nov 25th | 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm GMT

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Introduction to Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and how you can make money through NFT’s as a creative.

Introduction to Bitcoin and crypto: why it matters and how to buy your first

Join this 90 minute workshop and networking session that introduces you to Bitcoin and the world of crypto. We will cover why Bitcoin and cryptocurrency matters for the world and how to buy your first coins.

The workshop will be an introductory session designed for non-technical people who are entirely new to Bitcoin and want to learn and get involved by investing for the first time. You don’t need any background knowledge to take part in this first session.

The workshop will be particularly valuable for creatives who have struggled to monetise their talent. As a creative, it’s common to feel as though you’re not paid fairly for the time and effort you put into your art. Sure, there are the 1% who seem to get lucky and make the money they deserve, but for most of us, we often struggle to monetise our talent, individuality, and our art.

The birth of the crypto revolution has the potential to change all of this and allow us to monetise in ways we have never been able to.

This invaluable course will introduce you to the world of Bitcoin, and one of the most exciting use-cases that are taking off: NFT’s. What are NFT’s? NFT’s are non-fungible tokens. They allow us to tokenise anything so we can transfer ownership from one person to another. This has opened up incredible opportunities for musicians, painters, sculptures, meme creators and all artists, who can now generate a sustainable income stream for their work.

Join us to learn about Bitcoin and crypto and how you can leverage it to monetise your work. Because someone somewhere in the world wants to pay you what you are truly worth.


Impact Brixton
17a Electric Lane
London, SW9 8LA United Kingdom


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