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Patient Management and Technique One-Day Masterclass for Chiropractors

Mar 14th | 9:00 am - 5:30 pm UTC+0

Are you looking for that one seminar this year that will make all the difference to your practice success for years to come? 

This is an intense jam-packed day CRAMMED with information that will super-charge both your patient management and your technique skills. My goal is that the following Monday you will feel like you’ve gained 10 years extra experience!

The day will be split into 2 halves:

Patient Management

This one-day workshop will help you to:

Boost retention – get people to follow your recommendations and complete their plan of care. 

Understand maintenance – Know who needs it. Know when and how to speak about it.

Communicate more effectively – get to the point, sound confident, be understood easily, get patients on board.

Know how to give the best Report of Findings – Know what to include, how to speak in a clear way that the patient understands and makes them excited about starting treatment with you

Know how to manage patient (and your own) expectations.

Help you to stop worrying about other people’s financial situation, this is not your job. 

Know how to work from more than just a symptom perspective

Know how to integrate functional testing and rehabilitation into your care to make it more effective

Know how to answer patient questions when you aren’t sure of the right answers

NEVER feel like a Salesperson. Your plan of management recommendations will be a matter of fact based on specific and logical principles that you will learn. 

Manipulation Technique Skills 

At the end of the day, people come to us for hands-on treatment. So nothing feels more embarrassing than attempting to manipulate a joint and it feels clumsy, awkward and just generally doesn’t work.  

We will go back to basics. It’s not about learning more complex movements and techniques. It’s about MASTERING what you’ve learned so far. 

We will focus on the Cervicothoracic, the Thocaolumbar and the Lumbopelvic joints. 

Awkward areas and techniques – CT/1st Rib. C0/C1, TL, Anterior thoracic. 

Learn tricks and hacks that make your manipulation WAY more likely to work

Know that the success of the treatment is down to more than just your hands. What else can you do or say to guarantee success?

Know what to say during treatment – you treat with your words as well, and they make the patient relax or resist. 

Move with finesse and expertise – why slowing down is important for some things, but speeding up is important for others.

Treating the acute, the chronic, the super-stiff and the super-bendy. Different approaches for different bodies AND minds.

Have the opportunity to have individual feedback on your treatment and one-to-one support. 

Delicious food is available nearby. Tea and coffee (and biscuits of course) will be provided 

The venue is RIGHT by Brixton tube station – very easy to get to

Some Testimonials from last year’s attendees:

Well worth every penny! Jam-packed full of information and advice, delivered in an enthusiastic and engaging manner. (Olivia Horne, Stafford Chiropractic Clinic)

The seminar was engaging and fun as well as learning valuable information that I am able to easily apply to my practice on Monday. Thank you! 🙂 (Emily – Milton Chiropractic Clinic)

I loved that some things I have previously learned were reiterated and it made me feel more confident that I’m doing the right thing. Really loved it, thank you! And will definitely come to future seminars you run 🙂

(Charlotte Cole,Heale’s Clinics)

Everything we learned really made sense and related exactly to what I am struggling with in clinic with at the moment. Everything made sense, and was simplified which made it really easy to understand and hopefully implement in practice straight away! You made it really enjoyable too with your jokes, so wasn’t at all boring which is the best way to learn.(Ashleigh Cattle)

Very useful information that you normally wouldn’t consider, nor have been taught previously, allowing myself to take a few tips, especially in regards to my ROF’s. Owain also kept us entertained throughout considering it was around 4-5 hours of talking to us, allowing us to stay focused and interested.

(Andrew Bowden- Caterham Chiropractic Clinic/ Tunbridge Wells Chiropractic Clinic)

“Has changed the way I practice by adding simple yet clever and caring, patient-centred, researched-based ideas to my daily regime that encourage patient adherence and make my job easier and mean I am better understood with patients” (Matt Kenna, Victoria Chiropractic Clinic, Woking)

“Single day was really good as it was a very interesting a fun-filled day. Very to the point/straight talking and having the opportunity to ask questions throughout and after via email (very kind of you) made it absolutely fine to cope with. It was fast-paced but that is how practice life is so it was engaging and easy to interpret and the energy put into the course by Owain has made practice much more fun the past two weeks.” (Also Matt Kenna)

It was spot on as it seems that at this stage we are all really trying hard to find our way to do techniques, forgetting that the best thing sometime is going back to the basics

(Giulia Terzoli, Cathedral Chiropractic (Truro))


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