Impact Xchange

Exchange Time or Skills for  Free Space,

Mentorship, training and experience  

Impact Exchange Programme


If you have the skills and the knowledge to do any of the jobs listed below, you could get eight days of hot desking a month completely free. Just fill in the form to tell us a bit about yourself and apply!

You get:

  • Free Impact Exchange Membership, which includes eight days of hot desking per month up to 60% off meeting rooms and 20% off event space hire. Extra hot desking days will cost £10 per day
  • A one-month training and onboarding, to help you develop the new skills you need to succeed in the exchange role. We will also set up a  review at two months and six months, to make sure everything is going smoothly
  • Access to Free and fast WiFi Internet, Pay as you go access to Printing, copying & scanning/A3 & A4:  black and white & colour
  • Peace of mind.  You can register your business here for free while you are on the exchange
  • Attend Free or discounted events
  • Your profile on our members’ wall and Impact Brixton app (unless you tell us not to)
  • Access to a network of entrepreneurs and other businesses that may be interested in your own business

You give:

  • Five hours per week, where you will carry out the  Hosts/Other duties detailed below
  • Your enthusiasm, ideas and friendly attitude as part of the Impact Brixton members’ community. We’re looking for people who are going to be advocates for our organisation, can add to our culture and embody our values
  • Dedication to supporting and building the community by encouraging our members to connect with each other. Invite them to chat to each other, stop by each other’s desks, grab a complimentary tea in the kitchen and plug into the network
  • When you join the programme, we’ll ask you to download our app and enter your details, including your payment details to cover any printing or space bookings. You will receive an electronic invoice on the first day of every month to cover these costs, to be paid by credit card / debit card or Stripe
  • We’d also love you to spread the word about Impact Brixton, whether that’s on your social media, inviting people along to our events, or simply telling everyone you know. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the way people we work and give back to our community, and we’d really appreciate your support!

You get:

  • Track and respond to enquiries regarding Impact Brixton
  • Take responsibility for the administration and management of membership, contacts and space bookings on our online system
    • Liaise with members and the team to share info and updates
    • Manage everyday practical arrangements in the space, including but not limited to buying materials and stock items
    • Monitor and troubleshoot system issues (e.g. WiFi, power, security, building systems, cleaning, printing etc)
    • Maintain a clean, temperature-consistent, energy-efficient space
    • Take payments, generate invoices and take bookings
    • Manage and maintain systems for building access, including keys and access card systems, camera systems
    • Provide tours to prospective members and users

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