Help Impact Brixton continue to support local businesses and strive for social impact

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Since opening in 2015, Impact Brixton has supported over 1,000 start-ups, freelancers, and social change-makers in Brixton and Lambeth. We want to remain a space for all businesses who care about their social impact and believe their business should also improve our society. Bringing together hundreds of people who share this belief has created an incredible and inspiring culture and a community that supports each other to thrive.

We regularly get requests for office spaces, meeting rooms and event spaces for community projects involving local residents and young people. Right now we do not have the capacity or room to meet our demands.  We also have issues with soundproofing, a lack of quiet areas, inadequate furniture and limited space for advertising and signage and if you’ve been to Impact Brixton…our toilets!

Many community-focused spaces in Brixton are closing down due to a lack of funding and limited resources. As one of the only community interest coworking spaces in Brixton, we would like to keep our doors open to continue the great projects we facilitate like Female Founders Brixton, Open Project Night and The Black Culture Market to name a few.

We’re proud to support Brixton’s changemakers.

Impact Brixton members

We already have a network of over 180 members and more than 1,000 businesses that have come through our doors since we opened 4 years ago. These are some of the initiatives Impact Brixton has launched that are changing our community for the better.

Help us make an impact

The total cost of this project is £85,000, however, we are hoping to initially raise £15,000. This will help us renovate our space with easily mobile tables, chairs, lights and events equipment allowing us to deliver 200 entrepreneurial impact-driven events for 10,000 local wantrepreneurs. It will enable us to contribute towards our Impact programmes and initiatives. We will be able to create a space for young people to start their digital business with a media studio

Find full details of our campaign and a list of the rewards here:

Impact X-Change Program – Join the IB X Team!

Impact X-Change Program – Join the IB X Team!

Great opportunities are now available to join the Impact Brixton X Team! Impact Brixton is a community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, dreamers, creators and social change-makers.  Located in the heart of Brixton we offer co-working spaces, private offices, event space...