How can I start a business with a small budget?

Jan 11, 2023 | 0 comments

That is a good question. Starting a business can feel like a huge mountain to climb, but starting with a small budget is possible. Here are three ways to start a business with no money. 

  • Start small: Make use of your existing connections. Who do you know that might benefit from what you’re offering? See if you can work for friends, family, former colleagues or clients. This is a free and easy way to start building your client base for your small business – and the money you earn will allow you to invest in bringing in new clients further down the line.
  • Ask for advice: Find people who can support you in your new business venture. Turn to friends, colleagues, and mentors, and look for events in your local community. Programmes like Impact Thrive are a great way to build your network and learn new skills you can bring to your enterprise. And don’t forget about networking events like Last Friday! They’re a cheap and great way to make connections and find collaborators.
  • Skip the expensive overheads: Don’t rush out and get an office space immediately. Chances are, you won’t need one. Start small, and consider getting a virtual office as the perfect solution to working from home while giving your brand a professional image.
    If you sign up to our Virtual Office, you can use our location in Brixton Village as your official company address, giving your business a professional London postcode, in a vibrant business hub. It also means that you can keep your home address private, as you can use our address to register your business on Companies House. All your official mail will come to us – but you can sign up for mail forwarding to make sure you never miss a letter!
    If that sounds like something that could work for you, you can sign up to Impact Brixton’s virtual office now. 

Do I need a Virtual Office?

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