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Are you a business person in Lambeth? We get the ups and downs you face. That’s why Impact Brixton has a free 6-month program just for Lambeth business folks like you.

What’s Inside?

Classes: Learn deep stuff with our special classes. Get tips from top experts and get tools to make your business better.

Help: Get one-on-one help in our Power Hours. We’ll give advice just for you, help with problems, and show you how to do business with confidence.

Join Us: With this program, you get free membership to Impact Brixton. Meet other business people, use our stuff, and be part of our group.

Why Come?

Lambeth is full of new ideas. By joining, you’re making your business better and helping the local business scene grow.

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There’s not much room. Don’t miss out on making your business better. Sign up now and let’s do great things together!