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Virtual Office London

Get a professional London business address for as little as 41p per day

Looking for a professional virtual office space in London for your business? For as little as 41p per day, you can get a professional London business address and access to a coworking space.

How it Works

Registered Business Address

You can use our address as your registered business address on Companies House.

Trading Address

You can use our address as your professional trading address on your website.

Post Scanning Service

When we receive your post, we scan the contents and email them to you on the day we receive them. We then dispose of your post securely.

Mail & Package Handling

When we receive any mail we cannot scan or packages for your company, we can keep it safe until you come and collect it, or we offer mail forwarding for a small fee.

Director’s Address Option

You can use our address as your director’s service address. You can also add additional directors to use this address for just £5 per person per month.

Choose Your Plan

Virtual Office Annual

Billed as one payment of £150

£150 / year
(Save 26%  at £12.50 / month)

Virtual Office Monthly

£17 / month

VO Premium 

  • Have all your letters automatically forwarded
  • Make our address your own by removing “Impact Brixton”
  • The perfect solution for international customers
£250 / year
(annual only)

Need some support SETTING UP YOUR new business?

We provide 1:1 support with setting up your new company. Our experts will take you step-by-step through the process of registering your company with Companies House, nabbing the perfect web domain, and settling on a company and share structure. Purchase your 30-minute consultation now!

Why Choose Impact Brixton for Your Virtual Office Needs in London?

We’re not just a virtual office space. We are a space where our community of dreamers come to work and collaborate every day! As well as getting a London virtual office address that will boost your brand, we have a lot more to offer…

cheap virtual office address in london is your place to work and meet


The great thing about getting a virtual business address that’s also a physical co-working space is that it has everything you could need as your company grows. You get all the advantages of a private office space with none of the expensive overheads. Looking for a place to host your clients? Invite them for a chat in our cosy and welcoming meeting rooms.


Impact Brixton exists around a thriving community of diverse entrepreneurs – and when you sign up to our virtual office, you’ll be in the loop on events like our networking events for freelancers, creatives and entrepreneurs! Join us as we break out the board games, turn up the tunes and get to know our community with a free glass of rum punch. 

our virtual office in Brixton is perfect for your business
impact brixton virtual office in London with people working


When you sign up for our virtual office, you’ll get discounts on day passes to use our bright and airy co-working space in the heart of Brixton Village. Working from home is great, but it can get a little lonely. Picking up a day pass is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house and build your network.


Chat with us via WhatsApp or scroll down to read our FAQs.

Why do you need a virtual office?

Good question! It’s something that more and more entrepreneurs are doing these days, and there are lots of reasons why you might want to get a cheap virtual office for your business. 


  • Protect your privacy: When you set up a business, you’ll need to put your official company name and address on Companies House. And if you set up your business from home, that means putting your home address online.

    With our virtual office cheap in cost, our business address service allows you to use Impact Brixton’s location as your official company address, meaning that all official correspondence (including anything from HMRC or Companies House) comes straight to us. You can then collect it, or sign up to our Virtual Office Space Premium package to get it forwarded straight onto your home address. And your home address doesn’t have to go online!

  • Avoid expensive overheads: When you first set up a business, it can be easier to work from home. It makes sense, right? Your cash flow isn’t up and running yet, so renting an office is out of the question.

    With our virtual office services, you can get the best of both worlds, with our cheap virtual office services that covers you while you do the hard work at home. Our mail forwarding services will make sure that you never miss a letter. So you can save money on the rent and bills, while pursuing your dream. You go, entrepreneur!  

  • Boost your credibility: A prime Brixton London postcode (SW9 8LA) will boost confidence in your brand, giving your company a credible image. We know that when you’re just starting out, a lot of the most exciting work happens at your kitchen table, but it doesn’t hurt to look professional.

    When you sign up to use Impact Brixton’s cheap virtual office address in London, you can use our location in Brixton Village as your official company address. So when people look you up, that’s what they’ll see – a professional London postcode, in a vibrant business hub.

  • Do some good: If you choose to set up a UK virtual office with Impact Brixton, you know that your money is being put towards supporting the business community in Lambeth.

We’re a social enterprise, which means that all our profits are used to run workshops, training programmes, networking events for local entrepreneurs. We’re committed to offering affordable workspace in Brixton, including a cheap virtual office, and nurturing a thriving business community of hard-working freelancers. Everything we do is designed to give back to Brixton.

When you sign up to use Impact Brixton’s virtual office space services, you’ll join a diverse community of entrepreneurs, all working on innovative ideas. And there’s tons of exciting connections and collaborations happening. Need a logo designed? We know a designer. Could do with some copy written? We’ve got a wordsmith that can do the job. Looking for a cheap virtual address? Stuck on digital marketing? There’ll be an Impact Brixton member who can help. Whatever you need, you’ll find someone in your community to bounce ideas off. And we throw heaps of networking events to make sure you find who you’re looking for!

Got questions? No problem. Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Will you open my letters?

Yes. This is in order to be able to scan them and email them to you as part of our virtual office services. Once we've scanned them, we'll dispose of them securely. So your information will be protected! We know your letters are super important, so we scan and email them to you to make sure there's no delay in you receiving the information they contain. This is especially crucial for correspondence from HMRC and Companies House! This is one of the benefits of opting for a virtual office cheap in cost but high in value from Impact Brixton.

Can you scan my mail and email it to me?

Yes. All of our Virtual Office members benefit from our mail scanning service. We scan all your post and email it to you on the day we receive it. This is to make sure that there's no delay between the letter arriving and you receiving the information it contains. Once we've emailed your letters to you, we'll dispose of them securely. So you don't need to worry about privacy – your information will be protected.

Where can I collect my post?

To make sure there's no delay between us receiving your mail and you accessing the vital information that it contains, we scan all of your letters and email them to you on the day they're delivered to us. So you don't need to worry about collecting your post – you'll receive a copy of it, and we'll dispose of it securely to make sure that your personal information is protected.

If you prefer to have your mail forwarded straight to your home address, make sure you sign up for our Virtual Office Premium package. We'll still scan and email all of your HMRC and Companies House post, and we'll forward the rest of your post directly to your home address. It's super convenient for busy business owners!

Can I use your hotdesking space if I sign up for your virtual office?

Yes, you can! You're very welcome to come and work in our affordable London coworking space. You can purchase a day pass for just £25. We recommend coming on Wednesdays, where we provide free tea and cakes at 4pm!

If you're looking for something a little more permanent, consider our new unlimited coworking membership. For just £150 per month, you can access our coworking space anytime 8:30am - 8pm. So whether your brain works best in the morning or the evening, you can come on down and power through your to-do list.

What’s the difference between getting a virtual office and getting a PO box for my mail?

A cheap virtual office allows you to register your business at a physical street address; in this case, our office building in Brixton Village. That means that when people look you up, that’s what they’ll see – a professional London postcode. Getting a virtual office cheap in cost is a secure way to receive mail and packages, and it also means you don’t have to list your home address on Companies House. So it’s great for protecting your privacy!

A PO Box is a locked mailbox at a postal office that you can rent. This is also a secure way to receive your mail, but it’s a little more old-fashioned and doesn’t come with the mail-handling service included in many virtual office packages.

If you sign up for Impact Brixton’s cost-effective virtual office solutions, we scan all of your post and email it to you on the day that we receive it. That means that there's no delay between your post being delivered and you receiving the crucial information that it contains. And if you sign up for our Virtual Office Premium package, we’ll forward all your mail straight onto your home address.

What happens to my mail if I sign up for a virtual office at Impact Brixton? How does virtual office mail-forwarding work?

Our affordable mail forwarding services are super simple.

If you sign up for either our Virtual Office Monthly or Virtual Office Annual package, we'll scan and email your post to you on the day we receive it. That means there's no delay between your post being delivered and you receiving the information it contains. We'll then dispose of your post securely so that your information is protected.

If you sign up for our Virtual Office Premium package, we'll forward all of your mail directly to your home address. It's the ideal solution for people who prefer to keep a physical copy of their mail.

Can I use my home address to register my business?

You can, and lots of businesses start as work-from-home enterprises. However, you might not want to use your home address because it’s visible online on the official Companies House website. With our free virtual office service, you can register your business at our Brixton address instead, protecting your privacy and giving your business a boost with a prime London location.

Why should I sign up to virtual office? Is getting a virtual office worth it?

We think so! With a cheap virtual office address, you can keep your home address private and boost your business’s reputation with a Virtual office adress. At Impact Brixton, we also offer mail handling services, as well the opportunity to work in our coworking space, giving you a chance to connect with other local entrepreneurs. It's the perfect solution to hybrid working! To explore more benefits of getting a virtual office, check out our blog post.

How much does a virtual office cost?

If you sign up now for our cheap virtual office package, you can get 50% off your first six months! This discount is applied automatically when you get to the checkout, so there’s no need to worry about a discount code. After that, prices for this virtual office space start from just £12.50 per month or £70 per year, and you’ll also get exclusive discounts on our hotdesks, meeting rooms and event spaces.

Don’t forget, we're not just about providing cheap virtual office services.We’re a social enterprise, so every penny you spend with us goes back into supporting the local business community with space, workshops and networking events. So you can make a smart choice for your new business with a virtual office space while also doing some good!

Do you accept Parcels?

Yes, we do! When we receive your parcel, you'll have five working days to come to our London coworking space to pick it up. Once those five days have passed, we'll then charge you £1 per day per parcel for up to 30 working days, plus a handling fee of £5 per parcel to store them for you in our coworking space. If you don’t pick up your parcels within one month, we’ll forward them to the address we have on record for you at a rate of £15 per item.

What is a virtual office? How does virtual office work?

A virtual office allows you to register your business at our professional address in Brixton while running it from anywhere. It's a great way to give your business a professional reputation without spending tons of your cashflow.

Getting a virtual office for your company is a great way to protect your privacy because you don’t have to use your home address when registering your business on Companies House. It allows you to boost your business with a prime London postcode without paying any of the expensive office space overheads.

You can get your official mail delivered to us, and then either we can scan and email it to you on the day we receive it, or we can forward it straight to your home. So you don’t even have to leave your house! It’s the perfect way to get your business off the ground, all while benefiting from the advantages of the cheapest virtual office around.