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7 Steps To A Website That Works with Selina Charmaine

by | May 20, 2020

In this session, Selina Charmaine will cover the 7 things you should consider before you start your website project.

Selina Charmaine presents the analogy of “Your Website As A House” and looks at the key components to prepare and build a successful online home for your business.

This session will cover:

  • Family – Defining your audience
  • Address  – Understanding and choosing a domain name
  • Land/Lease – What a hosting account is and why you may not need one
  • Blueprint & Model Build – This importance of planning before you build
  • Interior Decoration – Brand guidelines and why they are important
  • Furniture – Content is King and Image is Queen?
  • Insurance – Protection is Paramount – How to ensure all you have built is safe


This session is ideal:

– if you want to launch a website to promote or sell products or services online

– for professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to discover creative tips and techniques to support their online and digital marketing

– whether you decide to outsource your website design & development, you will find that understanding the key steps will help to transform your approach and understanding.

Catch the replay below:

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