Bouncing Back to Work in Uncertain Times

by | Jan 3, 2021

This year more than ever, it’s difficult to believe that it’s somehow January AGAIN. 2020 has slipped away in a blur of cancelled plans, online re-imaginings and – for lots of us – just trying to keep afloat. Many freelancers and small business owners will be waking up today wondering how they can find the motivation and direction to propel them into 2021 and get back on track with achieving their goals.

Find peer support through co-working

While we’re all facing different challenges right now, the benefits of having access to a supportive workplace community are clear. We aim to provide this support to our members and the local community, whether they are able to join us physically in our co-working space in Brixton, or prefer to tap into our network using our community app and online events.

Focus on the longer term…

Perhaps you are finding that short-term project planning feels futile right now, as we don’t know when Covid restrictions will ease. You might want to channel that ‘January feeling’ into thinking more strategically about your work; creating a business plan or investing some time considering what new skills you would like to develop this year. Even putting together a plan for your personal wellbeing or resilience at work could be a great use of this time. But where do you start?

Freelancers and small businesses don’t need to ‘go it alone’

Whatever business questions you are asking yourself, why not join our community? By working alongside others who’ve faced similar challenges at different points in their entrepreneurial journeys, you’ll quickly find that you’re gaining both the knowledge and the resolve you need to move forward with your own business goals. Whether through informal tea break chats, or by attending one of our IBU courses, you’ll have the chance to grow your skills base and become part of a super-friendly professional network. Questions that might seem overwhelming when you’re alone are just the kind of thing we get excited about – so come and dream with us in 2021!

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