by | Feb 15, 2023

Public speaking can be daunting. But there are a few simple tips and tricks that can help you capture and hold your audience’s attention. 

It can be tempting to rush up to the microphone and start speaking right away. And we get it, you’re nervous – you want to get this show on the road, already. 

But the best thing you can do, is get to the microphone, stand calmly, and count to three

When you don’t start speaking straight away, you grab the audience’s attention. Everyone looks at you, wondering why you’re standing there quietly – and that’s it, they’re listening. 

It leaves time for the room to fall silent, making space for you to speak. And because you’ve taken a moment to gather yourself, you can launch calmly into your talk, speaking at a nice measured pace, with plenty of room to speak. 

And how do you make sure that you’re speaking calmly, coherently and at a measured pace?

You practise

In front of your mirror. In front of your dog. In front of your friends. In front of literally anyone who will listen. Use notes if you need to, but don’t just read what’s in front of you – practise until you can pitch your business off the top of your head; forwards, backwards and inside out. Those people who sound like they were just born knowing how to pitch? That’s how they do it.


Join us on Friday 31st March 2023 for our panel talk and pitch slam! Gerald Vanderpuye (co-founder of Impact Brixton), Shari Leigh (founder of the Black Business Network) and Jay Crawford (educator, trainer and public speaker) will give their expert advice on how to pitch to raise funding, build an audience or raise the profile of your brand. And six entrepreneurs will deliver a pitch to our panel for constructive feedback! Book your tickets here.


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