The Top 5 Places to get Great Coffee in Brixton

Dec 8, 2020 | IB Blog | 0 comments

The Top 5 Places to get Great Coffee in Brixton

If there’s one thing that’s been getting us through 2020 (apart from our amazing community), it’s coffee. We’re grateful that takeaways are still allowed during lockdown – we need ours more than ever. Whether you’re between Zoom calls, on furlough or en route to a key worker job, Brixton is bound to have a cup of liquid caffeine to suit your taste and budget. Here are our Top five places to find one – in no particular order (we love them all!)

San Marino

A family run business, San Marino has been in Brixton for 17 years, serving up delicious sicilian coffee from its premises on the corner of Station Road and Brixton Road. The only danger is that you’ll pop there for a coffee and leave with a panini, some pasta and a pain au chocolat! 


Housed in the characterful covered markets of Brixton Village, Federation is the place to go when you want to try a new coffee that’s been chosen by people you can trust. They have new filter options on a regular basis, alongside their house blend which comes from Curve Roasters. 

Stir Coffee

While some would consider Stir Coffee’s location on Brixton Hill to be ‘out of town’, we actually quite enjoy the excuse to stretch our legs (in reality it’s about five minutes walk from our co-working space). During lockdown they’ve been supporting local community initiatives, and they also sell essentials such as bread, eggs and cake which you can pre-order for collection. (Yes, cake is essential, no matter what the VAT people say). 

Brixton Blend

The small-but-perfectly-formed Brixton Blend is located directly opposite the tube station, and you can admire Brixton’s David Bowie mural while you queue for your coffee. They’re all about ethical produce, and supporting other local suppliers through their business. Plus they have a gorgeous Instagram!

The Beast of Brixton

This one really is a little further from the high street, but just about in Brixton along Acre Lane. If you ask us, it’s worth the walk. You might go just for a coffee the first time, but we reckon you’ll soon be ordering a takeaway roast dinner, as their Sunday lunches have some fantastic reviews too. 

These are just a handful of the options we have right of the doorstep of our offices in central Brixton – during lockdown we’ll be getting as many takeaways as we can and supporting these great local businesses.

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