IBU Learning - 8 Hot Self Care Tips with Lorraine Natalie Love

8 Hot Self Care Tips with Lorraine Natalie Love

by | May 3, 2020

In this session, Lorraine goes through 8 Self Care tips for us all to focus on in the current climate.

Lorraine Natalie Love, or Lolli as she is known at Impact Brixton, is a Self Love Advocate. Using the arts of words and Photography Lorraine encourages women to love themselves from the inside out.

During this time many people are taking the time to do things with their family that they wouldn’t usually have time to do, learning something new or binge-watching on NetFlix. But what about those people whose everyday life comes with a daily struggle of motivating themselves to function. This taster session will not only give you 8 self-care tips but will also give you strategies for putting them into practice when you really don’t feel motivated to. We will also look at why it is important for each and every person to practice self-care.

Over the past 18 years, Lorraine‘s workshops and 1-2-1 photo sessions have supported over 10,000 women and young people in raising their self-esteem. Lorraine‘s mission is to have you Love Yourself More. Lorraine will be supported by Havening Techniques Practitioner Jan Carpenter.

Catch the replay below:

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