IBU - Selina Charmaine

An Introduction To Chatbots For Business with Selina Charmaine

by | Jul 14, 2020

In this session, Selina Charmaine will give an introduction to chatbots and their usefulness in business automation.


This session will help you:

to understand what Chatbots are and what they are used for;

to explore the types of Chatbots available;

understand what Chatbots can do and how to go about building your own.


This session is ideal:

– for entrepreneurs who are keen to understand how customer engagement technologies and tools could transform their business;

– for professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are looking to discover creative tips and techniques to support their online and digital marketing.

Whether you decide to outsource your marketing, you will find that understanding the key steps will help to transform your approach and understanding.

Catch the replay below:

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