We’re expanding our Impact…


The recovery of the economy relies on entrepreneurship, and we want Impact Brixton to be at the heart of this next phase for founders. We are creating a collaborative union that’s committed to shaping the future of London’s new purpose-driven ventures. We’ve called it Impact Invest.

Impact Invest is a year-long fellowship programme for purpose-driven entrepreneurs. We partner with accelerator programmes across London to take on their most talented graduates for an extended period of learning & development, as well as access to our award-winning space and diverse network of dreamers.

Impact Invest

What does it look like?

  • 12 months of sponsored membership to the award-winning Impact Brixton space
  • Access to the diverse and inspirational IB community
  • Enrollment onto the brilliant IB educational programme for ongoing support on your entrepreneurial journey

The Impact Invest timeline

Phase 1: Pilot group launching June with 10 participants

Phase 2: Feedback and insight collection from pilot group, impact report and interviews produced

Phase 3: Applications open for referrals from our accelerator partners in July, selection process made in August

Phase 4: Impact Invest to launch officially in September

This is an exciting new step for Impact Brixton, an organisation built on community and collaboration. 

Ways to get involved

To become one of our partner accelerator providers, click here.

To find out about becoming a corporate funder or partner, click here.