Accelerator Programme


 Impact Brixton launches a zero equity accelerator and investment program for underrepresented entrepreneurs including female, BAME and those from lower social-economic backgrounds.

Impact Brixton has created a coworking community space that is unique within the sector.  We are a conscience-driven and community-led organisation with a vision to support thousands of people to change their lives through Entrepreneurship. We believe The future of work is one where innovation is accessible to everyone.  This vision has led us to create a space and community that inspires our members to work on their dreams.  This community feels like a  family; a support group inspiring each other to keep going. This network removes the hurdles that get in the way of progress and creates a place of learning and self-actualisation.

Impact Invests

Over the next year, we aim to support 100 local businesses through our new Accelerator and investment programme Impact Invest. The programme will focus on entrepreneurs we believe are massively underserved and underrepresented in tech and creative spaces. At least 50% of the businesses will be led by people who are BAME, female or from lower socio-economic backgrounds. These groups receive the lowest percentage of the total angel and venture funding and are massively underrepresented in the incubation and accelerator space.

How we positively impact our community?

Already an affordable workspace and social enterprise community, we are well-connected, currently serving 140 businesses and freelancers. We plan to invest in local businesses by sponsoring their workspace for a minimum of six months, supporting and guiding their learning, endorsing and sharing their products on our platforms and connecting them to thought leaders and some of their Ideal future clients.

The benefits of the programme?

These groups are often excluded and underrepresented in the investment space. We provide:

  • An opportunity to join a selected community of companies and founders building their businesses**
  • Free access to our co-working space to develop your company
  • Support and help connect you to your dream clients, investors, and mentors.
  • Industry Thought leaders to curate the learning
  • Tailored workshops to help you build your skillset for running a business

What makes us unique in the market and why this programme is important?

The majority of incubators and accelerators in the world select founders with the best educational background and those that have made the most progress. This often ignores talent that needs a little nurturing or some confidence and empowerment to succeed. We are focusing on the talent that is often overlooked by the accelerators.