by | Feb 10, 2023

The more you refine your audience, the more targeted your approach will be – and the more likely you are to get meaningful engagement and a boost in sales

Think about where your product or idea sits in the market. What is it doing that its competitors aren’t? Who are the people not currently being served by the current market? 

Creating a successful business is all about identifying a lack, a need – something that people don’t currently have, that would make their lives better. 

For example, there are literally hundreds of co-working spaces in London. So what sets Impact Brixton apart? 

Unlike a lot of other co-working spaces, we’re a social enterprise. That means that all the profits we make go back into providing affordable access to hotdesking, event spaces and training programmes for entrepreneurs who wouldn’t necessarily be able to access them otherwise. So when people spend their money with us, they know they’re doing good.

What’s more, our affordable prices and exchange programmes mean that our community is incredibly diverse. We’re able to reach people who otherwise might be excluded from entrepreneurship with programmes like our Virtual Office, which is specifically designed to help people who aren’t yet at the point where they can afford hotdesking or private offices. 

So who is our audience? Well, it can be divided into three specific segments:

  • Entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds who could benefit from our programmes and resources. 
  • Freelancers or small businesses looking for a coworking solution that creates social impact.
  • Organisations and individuals who can partner with us on our outreach programmes, providing funding and support.

Once you’ve worked out who you need to reach, you can start putting yourself out there. And here’s where it pays to be bold

What networking events can you attend? What companies might be interested in partnering with you? Who can you email asking for support, advice, connections? 

It can be difficult to put yourself out there, but have confidence. If you believe in your idea, there’ll be other people who do, too. Just hold those all-important three sentences in your head, and take the leap. 

The worst that can happen is that someone says no. 

Learn more about pitching your business.

On Friday 31st March 2023, Gerald Vanderpuye (co-founder of Impact Brixton), Shari Leigh (founder of the Black Business Network) and Jay Crawford (educator, trainer and public speaker) will be sharing their advice on how to deliver a perfect pitch right here at Impact Brixton. Join us for our panel talk and pitch slam – get your tickets here!


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