How to Pitch: You’ve Got Three Sentences

by | Feb 1, 2023

If you’re going to pitch your idea, you need to be able to sum it up in three sentences. 

If you’re rambling, your audience will have a hard time figuring out what it is you’re selling. And they’re definitely not going to remember it. 

Make sure you’re really clear on what you’re selling, what your product aims to achieve, and why your audience needs it in their lives. If you can answer those three questions in just three sentences, then you know you’re onto a good idea. 

Take Impact Brixton, for example. 

We are a social enterprise that provides affordable co-working, event space, workshops, training programmes and mentoring schemes to the business community of Lambeth. 

Our goal is to build a diverse and thriving community of creatives and provide them with access to the resources they need to build a successful business. 

Our audience needs this because freelancers excel when they have a strong network of connections and collaborators; and access to the workspace, events and training programmes that allow freelancers to build this network is often prohibitively expensive. 

Those are our three sentences – and they’re working for us so far!

Think of the brands that you love, that capture your attention and have strong client bases. How can you sum up their idea, their goal and their audience in three sentences? The more you do this for companies that inspire you, the more you’ll learn how to refine your idea and make sure it’s filling a gap in the market.

Want to practise pitching your business? 

Sign up for our pitching slot at our event on 31 March 2023! We’re inviting six freelancers to pitch their business to a panel of experts for constructive feedback. And if you’re not ready to pitch yet, just come along to watch and pick up tips! Email our hosts on to apply for your space.


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