Podcast Room

Studio Headphones

4 Podcast Mics built-in pop filter and a rich


Multitrack recording Mixer


Record via USB or to microSD


Built-in Sound effects pads


4 XLR Ports

Brixton’s Premier Podcast Studio: Where Creativity Meets Community Welcome to the heartbeat of Brixton’s vibrant audio scene! Nestled within a dynamic coworking space, our state-of-the-art podcast studio offers the perfect blend of urban energy and cutting-edge technology. A Glimpse Inside: Our studio radiates a character like no other. Exposed brick walls, adorned with captivating artwork from Brixton’s finest, create an atmosphere that’s both electric and intimate. Step inside, and the city’s rhythmic hum fades, leaving you in a soundproof sanctuary designed for crystal-clear audio capture. High-Tech, High-Quality: Equipped with top-tier mixers, premium microphones, and a sophisticated soundboard, our studio ensures your content sounds as professional as it feels. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or taking your first steps in the audio world, our setup is intuitive and adaptable to your needs. More Than Just a Studio: Being situated in a coworking hub means you’re constantly surrounded by a tapestry of creative minds. After recording, unwind with a freshly brewed coffee, network with a diverse community of professionals, or collaborate with fellow podcasters. The synergy of this space amplifies every project. Location, Location, Location: Being in the heart of Brixton isn’t just an address—it’s an experience. Draw inspiration from the local food stalls, eclectic music scene, and the everyday stories unfolding right outside the studio doors. Brixton isn’t just a backdrop; it’s an essential part of the narrative. Ready to Elevate Your Podcast? Discover the magic of Brixton’s premier podcast studio. Whether you’re here for a one-off session or seeking a regular recording haven, we have flexible renting options tailored for you. Dive into a space where your story takes center stage, supported by a community that’s as passionate about your vision as you are. Book Now and immerse yourself in an audio journey that’s distinctively Brixton, distinctively you.