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Your Complete Guide to Coworking in Brixton in 2024

by | May 29, 2024

Brixton is the ideal place to cowork. Filled with bustling small businesses and located just 10 minutes from central London on a tube that comes every two minutes, it’s the perfect place to hotdesk if you want to be part of a vibrant business community.  

The best part? Because it’s not smack bang in the middle of the city, it’s where you’ll find some of the cheapest coworking space in London. You can find a hot desk or a dedicated desk space for less than £5 per day, leaving you with more money to power into growing your business.

When it comes to workspace, Brixton has tons of affordable, high-quality options. This blogpost will take you through the top coworking spaces in Brixton, running through prices, facilities, locations and the advantages and disadvantages of taking out a membership. So read on to find your favourite coworking space in Brixton! 

The Advantages of Coworking in Brixton

If you’re looking for a coworking (or co working) space, Brixton has tons to offer. Here are the top three reasons that you should choose Brixton when looking for coworking space in London. 

1. Prime Location

Brixton has a tube station, a train station, a ton of buses and dozens of Lime bikes – and it’s located in Zone 2, which is within quick and easy reach of central London. So whether you’re meeting a colleague, entertaining a client, or hopping from engagement to engagement, Brixton is a super convenient location to reach. And what’s more, it’s packed with exciting small businesses, delicious eateries and big brands. So you’ll never be bored on your lunch break! 

2. Affordable Prices

London is full of coworking spaces. But you’ll find that the ones right in the middle of London are far more expensive than, say, co working space in Brixton or co working space in Stratford. This is largely because the rents on coworking buildings in central London are much higher, and some of that cost is inevitably passed onto the consumer. If you choose a coworking space in Brixton, which has fantastic connections to central London, you’ll find that you pay less for the same fantastic facilities. 

3. Networking Opportunities

Brixton Village alone is home to more than 100 independent small businesses. So by the time you add in Electric Avenue, Atlantic Road, Acre Lane and all the other buzzing streets of Brixton, you’ve got a huge selection of entrepreneurs, sole traders and small businesses. If you’re looking to plug into a diverse network of movers and shakers, forge lasting connections and grow your business, there’s no better place to be. 

The Top 5 Coworking Spaces in Brixton.

Looking for coworking space? Brixton has got you covered. Here are the top five coworking spaces in Brixton – some of the best coworking space in London! 

1. Impact Brixton

If you’re looking for an affordable workspace with a real community feel, Impact Brixton is everything you need. This light and airy coworking space in the heart of Brixton Village has bustling desk space and dedicated quiet zones, so that you can work in the way that suits you best. 

The team at Impact Brixton do free tea and cakes for members every Wednesday, free lunch once a month, and tons of workshops and networking events so that you can make new contacts and find new collaborators. You can pay by the day, or get unlimited coworking for just £150 per month – that’s less than £5 per day! 

As a member at Impact Brixton, you can also make big savings when you book a meeting room, boost your brand with an affordable virtual office, and scale your business into a fully serviced private office. Book a free tour of Impact Brixton via WhatsApp, and get a day pass to try the space. Your day pass will be refunded if you then choose to take out a membership! 

2. Piano House

This regenerated Victorian warehouse is a brilliant option if you’ll be coming to Brixton by car, as you can rent a car parking space in their gated car park, with 24-hour access. 

If you’re interested in coworking, you’ll be heading to Piano House’s Clubspace – an open-plan space for individuals and entrepreneurs with dedicated and non-dedicated desks. This airy space has its own kitchenette, breakout spaces and a meeting room for members to use. Coworking memberships start at £200 per month, and it’s worth noting that Piano House don’t offer day passes – you have to take out a committed monthly membership. So it might not be the best option if you’re only coworking casually! 

Piano House also offers an open plan office space with 8 desks, and there are more private office options coming soon. So keep an eye out if you’re interested in renting a private office for your team! 

3. 3Space

3Space is located in International House, an iconic Brixton building. And if you’re looking for a dedicated desk in Brixton, it’s definitely worth checking out. There’s no hotdesking in 3Space – all of the desks are fixed desks, so it’s great if you want to set up camp and sit in the same place every day.  You can get a fixed desk with a great view for £225 + VAT per month. 

Like Impact Brixton, 3Space is a social enterprise, so when you take out a membership, you also give back to the community. You’ll find The Youth Entrepreneurship Hub on the first floor, supporting young people aged 16-30 at every stage of their business. Photofusion operates on the second floor, a photographic services charity. And the sixth floor is entirely dedicated to providing space free of charge for local charities, non-profits and social enterprises.

3Space also offers serviced private offices big and small, and community events. 

4. Brixton Castle 

Brixton Castle is another great option if you’re looking for a fixed desk. With super fast broadband, unlimited meeting room bookings, printing, 24/7 access plus organic hot drinks, Coke and locally brewed beer, it’s pretty comprehensive. 

Brixton Castle is definitely one of the pricier options – you can get two days’ coworking per week for £200 or unlimited access for £400. But if you’re a person who holds a lot of meetings, you might find that the unlimited meeting room bookings make the higher price worth it!  

You can also rent a private office at Brixton Castle, with flexible leases and arrangements.

5. Caya Coworking

If you’re not that bothered about facilities like kitchens, meeting rooms or dedicated desks, and you prefer that coffee shop vibe, Caya Coworking is perfect – because it is literally a coffee shop!

Nestled on Coldharbour Lane, Caya Coworking offers a pay-as-you-go service with no contract or sign-up fee. It’s £15 per day, and your rate includes bottomless coffees and teas from their menu. It’s got fast wifi, good vibes and a delicious menu for a lunchtime treat. If you’re casually coworking or you’re just passing through, it’s the perfect place to stop and power through your emails. 

Looking for office space in Brixton?

If you’ve read through all the options and realised that you actually need a private office space, Brixton is still a fantastic option. All of the options above except from Caya Coworking provide fully serviced private offices, and there are plenty more options. Start with Impact Brixton, where you can find flexible leases, affordable prices and quality amenities. And don’t forget to ask for a discount if you’re a social enterprise! We’re always looking to help other changemakers boost their cash flow. 

Consider a Virtual Office

While coworking is a great way to get out of your house and meet new people, it doesn’t solve the question of where to register your business. 

Coworking spaces like Impact Brixton also offer virtual office services, which can provide you with a professional registered business address that you can use when setting up your business on Companies House. This is the ideal way to boost your company’s reputation and protect your privacy, as it saves you from having to put your home address on Companies House, which is a public resource. And when people look you up, they’ll see that your business is registered at a professional location, which will help to build confidence in your brand! 

To explore the best virtual offices in London, read our blog post. 


Brixton is your go-to spot for coworking. It’s buzzing with small businesses and just a quick hop from central London on the tube. And the best part? Thanks to more affordable rents, it won’t break the bank. You can snag a hot desk or for less than £5 a day, leaving you with plenty of cash leftover to fuel your business dreams.

Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a small team, Brixton offers a diverse range of affordable, high-quality workspaces to suit your needs. Check out the places on this list, and then go explore! There are tons of great options nearby. 

If you’d like to book a tour of Impact Brixton, contact us here. And if you time your visit to 4pm on a Wednesday, there’ll be free tea and cakes (though don’t tell anyone we told you…).