IBU Learning - A Zoom Overview with Wayne James

Zoom Overview with Wayne James

by | May 1, 2020

In this online learning session, we have Wayne James from Spiral showing us the many setting in Zoom.

Wayne spent the first 20+ years of his life in various Business Development, Product Management, & Territory Management Roles in the Software Industry. He now delivers a range of enterprise, tech, & life skills programmes for adults & young people.

Topics he will cover will be:

  • Zoom Free vs. Paid
  • Quick Tech Stuff
  • Scheduling/Starting Meetings
  • Inviting Others
  • Standard Menu
  • Share Content
  • Breakout Rooms (Screen Shots)
  • Do’s & Don’ts/Tips & Tricks
  • Cool Stuff
  • Questions

Wayne is:

  • Spiral Programme Manager & Lead Facilitator
  • Trainer & Facilitator
  • Community Development Fella
  • Former Software & Tech Sector Dude

Catch the replay below:

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