10 Things Every Co-Working Space Should Have

by | Jan 8, 2021

People join co-working spaces for all sorts of reasons, but there are some things that nobody should be without. Here’s our rundown of the Top 10 Things that all co-working spaces should have.


It might seem obvious, but a co-working space needs space, and plenty of it. Whether you’re spreading out a big piece of work for a visual analysis, or hosting a large stakeholder meeting, you’ll need an office that can accommodate those days when you just need a bit more room. Impact Brixton’s 6000 square foot suite of offices aims to suit every occasion, with members having access to a range of different sized spaces all on one site in the centre of Brixton.


The more comfortable you feel, the more happy and productive you will be in your co-working space. Our rooms above Brixton’s indoor market are filled with natural light and greenery. Members can choose between standing desks or traditional desks, with quiet zones for focused work, or sofas and background music for those more relaxed times. You are your own boss after all, so you get to choose what works for you.  


… or coffee, or something a little stronger. Every good co-working space has a kettle that’s never off the boil and Impact Brixton is no exception. Our fully equipped kitchen is open to all members and we even throw in complimentary snacks!


Freelancing can feel anything but ‘free’ if you have to carry your work things around with you wherever you go. Storage lockers can make a huge difference, allowing you to go out after work without having your style cramped by an enormous backpack. Contact us to find out more about our storage offers.


This one is often overlooked but really sets apart the best from the rest when it comes to co-working spaces: a community. We work hard on building connections between members through regular social events, which lead to both professional collaborations and a friendly atmosphere that people love to work in. 


Co-working shouldn’t just be about the individuals and businesses who pay to use a space, and here at Impact Brixton we are committed to achieving social and economic impact in our local community too. We are a not-for-profit company and we provide education and mentorship to Lambeth’s young entrepreneurs. Our Impact Exchange programme gives people who may not be able to afford membership access to the space in return for their time and skills. 

A Face

When you have a question about your co-working space, there’s nothing worse than not being able to find someone to ask. Our friendly team of hosts are always on hand to help with queries, so you’ll never be delayed getting on with an important job. We like to get to know each other so you can expect a friendly greeting on arrival and we love it if you have time to chat to us. 


Co-working is a great way to combat loneliness, but there are times when you need privacy for a meeting, phone call, or audio recording, so it’s important for your co-work space to provide this. Our offices include meeting rooms of varying sizes as well as ? Zoom rooms and a Podcast Room equipped with professional broadcast-grade microphones.  


More and more people are working from home, but most of us don’t want a huge laser printer in the bedroom. It’s way more efficient to share these kinds of resources with others who live nearby. We offer FREE black and white printing for members, with a small fee for colour. We’re also happy to lend you a charger, a laptop riser or whatever you might need to do your best work – just ask us!


When you run your own business, things can vary from month to month, so you might not feel able to commit to renting an office on a long contract. That’s why we offer a range of different memberships, with the flexibility to cancel or downgrade if you don’t need the space at any point. Our Connect membership offers a Registered Business Address alongside discounted room hire for just £29.99 per month.