Do I need a Virtual Office?

Jan 11, 2023 | 0 comments

Good question! It’s something that more and more entrepreneurs are doing these days, and there are many reasons you might want to get a virtual office for your business. 

  • Protect your privacy: When you set up a business, you’ll need to put your official company name and address on Companies House. And if you set up your business from home, that means putting your home address online.

    With our virtual office, our business registry services allow you to use Impact Brixton’s location as your official company address, meaning that all official correspondence (including anything from HMRC or Companies House) comes to us. You can then collect it or arrange for it to be forwarded at a small extra cost. And your home address doesn’t have to go online!
  • Avoid expensive overheads: When you first set up a business, it can be easier to work from home. It makes sense, right? Your cash flow isn’t up and running yet, so renting an office is out of the question.

    With a virtual office, you can get the best of both worlds, with a professional business address that covers you while you do the hard work at home. Our mail forwarding services will make sure that you never miss a letter. And if you’re an entrepreneur in Southwark, Lambeth or Wandsworth, you can get up to 12 months of virtual office for free. So you can save money on the rent and bills while pursuing your dream. You go, entrepreneur!  
  • Boost your credibility: A prime London postcode will boost confidence in your brand, giving your company a credible image. We know that when you’re just starting out, a lot of the most exciting work happens at your kitchen table, but it doesn’t hurt to look professional.

    When you sign up to use Impact Brixton’s virtual office services, you can use our location in Brixton Village as your official company address. So when people look you up, they’ll see a professional London postcode in a vibrant business hub.
  • Do some good: If you set up a virtual office with Impact Brixton, you know that your money is being put towards supporting the business community in Lambeth.

    We’re a social enterprise, which means that all our profits are used to run workshops, training programmes, and networking events for local entrepreneurs. We’re committed to offering affordable workspace in Brixton and nurturing a thriving business community of hard-working freelancers. Everything we do is designed to give back to Brixton.

    When you sign up to use Impact Brixton’s virtual office services, you’ll join a diverse community of entrepreneurs working on innovative ideas. And there are tons of exciting connections and collaborations happening. Need a logo designed? We know a designer. Could you do with some copy written? We’ve got a wordsmith that can do the job. Stuck on digital marketing? There’ll be an Impact Brixton member who can help. Whatever you need, you’ll find someone in your community to bounce ideas off. And we throw heaps of networking events to ensure you find who you’re looking for! 
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