Members’ Update

March 2021

Issue 1

From your Host Managers

Operational Updates

What with us moving home and completing renovations you may have missed really important system changes! Find out more…

Welcome To New Members

Fabrice Lafond, Saima Ishaq, Oliver Sanger, Jose Revelo, Vanessa C, Rosa Revelo, Maria Pilicita, Monica Mamani, Fernanda Correia-Sefzick

Refer A Friend

To help our entrepreneurial community we have launched a new referral scheme

No More PDF’s

So we think we’ve got it!

Here is your new, new look Members’ Update. We’ll use this to let you know anything to do with IB’s systems, changes, memberships literally anything IB – member related.

Members Spotlight is something we want to do to really highlight you and your business’. So many great opportunities and collaborations can and have happened once members know a bit about you and what you do. We’ll be using your profiles to share info about you, if it’s not filled in we can’t shout about you and just from conversations we’ve had with a few of you we know some of you have started new ventures so please remember to update your profiles.

We’ll also send out a Monthly Newsletter which goes out to over 2000 subscribers so it’s a great opportunity to share events, programmes, promotions etc. It is your opportunity to share anything you are doing with our community outside of IB.

Bank Holiday Open Hours

We will be closed for Easter from Friday 2nd April and see you back here on  Tuesday 6th April!

Enjoy your bank holidays.

The Black Bar Is Ready!

We are so excited because we’ve had our first booking in The Black Bar.

Spiral are running a 13 week programme with some year 9s from the local Platanos College in the Black Bar beginning last week Wednesday.


Their Engage programme takes students through a range of experiential skills development and careers learning activities. In particular it provides active learning students with a safe space to explore themselves and develop confidence.


They’ll mostly be upstairs in the Black Bar but don’t be afraid to say hello if you see them in the building and keep a listen out for ways you can support later on in the programme. Spiral has some fun ideas in mind to help IB members share their experience and insight with the students in low stress but meaningful ways. Stay tuned for more!

New Opening Hours

You’ve been asking and we’ve listened.

We are now open until 8pm for all hotdesk members and 11pm if you have a dedicated desk.

There are a few important factors you need to know.

As we’ve extended opening hours the latest time you’ll be able to book a desk is 4pm – due to our 4 hour minimum booking time for each desk.

Hosts will only be around until 6pm so you will need to know how to exit without us – without setting off our new alarm system! We’ll explain this to you when you attend a New Members’ Meeting

Refer a Friend

We were pleased to hear the Government’s roadmap and plans to come out of the current lockdown by 21st June. Of course it will take some time for total normality to return (whatever that looks like!), and with talk of Furlough extending until September we know it’s still going to be an uncertain time for many.

To help our entrepreneurial community we have launched a new referral scheme – Refer a new member and you will both receive £25 worth of credit*  The new member can take out any plan and your credit will be applied to your invoice the month after they join.

Please speak to a host for more info.

Gallery Upgrades

As we adjust to ‘the new norm’ we think one thing will definitely remain… Zoom meetings!


With that in mind we have added a new conference microphone system to The Gallery. It’s really simple to connect to via bluetooth. Stand up, walk around, and your voice will be picked up wherever you are.
Multi-Person Mode means your virtual joiners can hear every word of quick-fire discussions without lag or listening fatigue thanks to built in enhanced voice pickup.
We’ve also installed a new screen on the wall to help make  some space.
Let us know what you think and share your experiences with us.

Just So We’re All On The Same Page…

So many changes have occurred over the past 2 years whilst we’ve transitioned from Impact Hub to Impact Brixton.

What with moving home and completing renovations you may have missed really important system changes! We want everyone to be on the same page and fully understand the culture and systems of IB and so we encourage every member to join us for our New Members Meeting at some point in April. They take place on a Wednesday Afternoon at 3.30 (just before Tea & Cakes). If you are unable to attend on Wednesday you can book a Friday morning at 11.00.

For members that have joined since October we would ask you to ensure that you book onto a session ASAP – especially as you won’t be able to stay past 6pm without attending!

Return of The Snack

We know that you’ve all been waiting for the social distancing rules to be relaxed so that you can enjoy our weekly Member Networking events, so we’re excited to tell you that from 14th April Tea & Cakes will return!

Obviously we want to stay safe and so rather than us all being crammed into the kitchen we will use The Lounge area as well. We try to cater to all dietry needs so there’s something for everyone but if you are unsure feel free to speak to one of the hosts.

Lunch will be back soon too… look out for more info in the next issue.