Members’ Update

September 2021

Issue 6

From your Host Managers

Answers With Impact

How much is?…..

Even Better Gym

Get a student deal with Better Gym

Education Events

Cryptocurrencies  & Bitcoin

Impact Coaching

Free monthly coaching for you.

Zoom & Phone call etiquette

To talk or not to talk…. that is the question.

Color In Tech

Let’s get more black men into tech

Ultimate Freelancer Social

Over the past 6 months we have had some amazing social events and nothing has been more popular than our games nights which have grown and grown each time.

We have over 30 games including Trivial Persuit, Guess Who, Monopoly, Battleships, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders as well Giant Jenga, Giant Connect Four.

We really want this night to be one that each of you can not only enjoy but also let your hair down at the end of the month, have discussions, have some good food, good conversation and good cocktails!

Invite your friends as we take over the whole space with games, karaoke, and competition at ‘Last Friday @IB’

Check the app for your discount code!

Answers With Impact

Dear IB

How much is to book room?

Dear Member

Here are our most recent meeting room and event spaces costs per hour

Meeting Rooms

The Snug – £1.50 members
The Den – £14 non-member / £8.40 members
Red Records (podcast studio) – £24 non-member / £14.40 members
The Gallery – £35 non-member / £21 members

Event Spaces

The Academy – £72
The Rec weekdays £204/weekends £150
The Black Bar – £150
The Lounge – £150

To book event spaces you will need to fill in this form

(Rooms may have a minimum or maximum booking time).

REMEMBER room bookings are paid for using your free credit at non members prices first. Once your credit has been used you will then be charged the discounted members price for any remaining bookings. Your credit is renewed on the 1st of each month (your credit does not accumalate – use it or lose it)

How Are we serving you?

Thanks for completing this quarter’s questionnaire.

We jumped up a whopping 17 points on our Net Promotor Score to 93!

The IB team are always looking for new ways to delight our members and provide the best service possible. Our amazing member community is a massive part of what makes IB such a great place to be – Thank you all for contributing to such an inspiring space!

So until next time… Keep promoting!

It’s Christmas… Almost

SAVE THE DATE 10th December

Our christmas shindig will be on the 10th December more info to follow. You can expect food, festive fun and I think I heard someone mention Karaoke. More information to be announced very soon, in the meantime time grab your early bird tickets here

Check the app for your discount code!

Education Events

Introduction to Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies & NFT’s | 23rd September | 7pm Join us for a 90 minute introductory workshop on the world of crypto and learn about the most exciting possibility for this new technology: NFT’s. NFT’s [Non-fungible Tokens] allow creatives – whether you’re a musician, painter, sculptor or writer – to earn a sustainable income through your work and get paid what you deserve.

Apple Creative Studios

We welcomed a group of twelve young people to the space throughout August. They spent four weeks taking part in a programme with Apple where they learnt what it takes to put together a radio show. Meanwhile The Black Bar was completely transformed into a studio and used to record shows with artitsts including Charlie Sloth and Celeste. The group had great energy and were buzzing about their experience (and the delicious lunches that they sampled from our favourite Brixton restaurants! We want to thank you for your patience and engagement with the students. They spoke about how friendly and welcoming everyone was so kudos to you!

Zoom & phone call Etiquitte

Would you want to sit next to you on a Zoom call? Interesting question huh? As the way we work develops and ‘Hybrid working’ is a term we are hearing often, we are also increasingly being asked: “Can we take Zoom Calls in the space?” We say: Yes of course, but please be considerate of your fellow co-workers who probably won’t be as excited to hear your project management updates as you are!

We’re not a library and actively encourage our members to talk and collaborate with one another and phone calls can be freely taken all around the space. We do have our phone booths that can be booked for phone calls but you don’t need to use them, taking calls at your desk is perfectly acceptable. We don’t consider taking phone or Zoom calls at your desk a disturbance, however please consider the following when on video/conference/phone calls:

1. Headphones are great! Keeps the sound in your ears and out of everybody else’s. Please use them.

2. Think about moving to a different spot in the space if needed



3. Book a phone booth or meting room if your call is going to be 20/30 mnutes or longer, if you would like some extra privacy or just want to be a bit shouty! If you need help with booking just ask a Host

4. You may be politely asked to lower your voice or move to a phone booth/meeting room if your call is proving to be a bit of a distraction for others – Please don’t be offended. Do feel free to have a friendly word with your desk neighbour if needed.

We all know a little bit of courtesy can go a long way and want all our members to be productive and enjoy our great co-working space! If you have any thoughts on how we best we can do this just drop us a line

I Like To Move It Move It!

One of the reasons we love co-working spaces is because they are set up to encourage movement and connection with people unlike many classrooms and office environments. However it’s still easy to find yourself sitting for too long in front of a screen which can lead to physical tension and mental tiredness.

So here’s a creative movement exercise for you to try next time you’re feeling tense or tired at your desk.

– Grab your phone and open a notes page or work a few different muscles by using some old school pen and paper.
– Write the heading ‘Different ways to Move’ and spend a minute jotting down all the different ways you can think of to move. Here’s a few to get you started… turn, jump, reach, twist, walk.

Once you’ve got a good few on your list then you’re ready to move! So if I was working with the examples above then I might do something like…

Turn the palms from face down to face up
Jump on the spot a few times
Reach an arm up in the air, out to the side and down to the floor
Twist the upper body one way and then the other
Walk to the Impact kitchen and make a drink!

You can’t get it wrong, and your body will appreciate the reset.

By adding a couple of movement breaks to your day you’ll increase the amount of oxygen to your brain (crucial for focus and attention) as well as interrupting negative patterns like anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

We look forward to seeing some signature desk moves appearing soon!

Space For 2


You requested a space to use for group zoom meetings and we’ve come up with a temporary solution.

As the podcast studio is not occupied often yet you can now book it as a phone booth suitable for 2 -3 people for group zooms.

Like the other phone booths you will be able to book this for an hour at a time so that it is fair for all our users.

The cost of this is £5 when using your credit and £3.60 after.



We are excited to be running a trial coaching programme with our members and accredited coaches, Suzanne Willems and Angela Gault.

Impact Coaching is your opportunity to try out 30 minutes of coaching per month for free where you can be coached on a variety of topics, from business & career, to health & wellbeing, to work-life balance and a whole host more.

Our coaches have an extensive and varied background with a strong success rate of helping clients grow and develop in their target areas, and this is a fantastic opportunity for you to see first-hand the benefits of coaching.

The trial will be launching this month, for further details and to book your first session, email

Impact Hoodies

IB Hoodies are now available!

Get yours at the introductory price of £25 then head to The Lounge and collect it from your host!


Color In Tech

We are thrilled to be working with Color in Tech and GLA to support more young men from the black community move into careers in the tech industry as a means to tackle knife crime.

They’ll be joining us in The Rec on the morning of Tuesday 19th October.

Even Better Better GYm

Our IB discount with Better Gym is now and actually even BETTER than before.

Including all swim, gym and classes – anytime and any Better Gym across the UK for £36 a month!

To sign up all you need to do is drop Lolli a message with ‘Gym It’ in the title and she’ll let you know the next steps. If you already have a membership with Better Gym that’s no problem, they can transfer you over if you’d like to take advantage of this offer.