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The 4 Best Office Solutions for Startups in London

by | Feb 2, 2024

In 2023, according to data provided by StartupBlink, the top city for startups in the United Kingdom was London. So it’s no surprise that entrepreneurs are on the hunt for London workspace. 

But when you need work offices for just one day a week, a conference auditorium once in a blue moon, it can be hard to find a workspace in Central London that’s the right fit. Because why spend a fortune renting traditional working spaces in London when you’re leading a dynamic and future-forward startup team?

It’s time for startups in London to take the leap away from the traditional day office space. So before you head to Google and type in ‘rent a workspace near me’, check out our top office solutions for startups in London. They’ll save you time, money and a whole load of paperwork. 

The Rise of Hybrid Working & Innovative Solutions

Let’s be real, the 9-5 office job is dead. London’s three main commuter railways are carrying around 22 million fewer passengers a month than last year. More people than ever are working from home on a regular basis – and that has brought the office rental sector a whole new set of challenges. Because when teams are only meeting in person once or twice a week, they have little need for a traditional space to work.

This is especially true for startups in London. So many cool startups in London are tiny teams who only need a laptop each to get their incredible idea off the ground. So when it comes to spaces, offices, they’re definitely not looking to spend a fortune on renting an office space. But they also don’t want to sacrifice that all-important face-to-face time where they can bounce ideas around and get into the rhythm of being a thriving team. 

The good news is that these days, the nicest offices in London aren’t the stuffy and traditional kind. There are tons of creative working spaces in London that can help you find the best fit for your company. Check out the top workspace solutions for your startup in London below. 

1. Communal Work Space London Membership

London is home to over 1,300 co-working spaces, making it the city with the most coworking spaces in the world. Most people have heard of We Work offices, and they’re a useful example of shared workspace. But when it comes to cool coworking spaces, there are tons of options – and it’s perfect if you and your team just need a deskspace in London for a few days a week.  

A co workspace in London is ideal for companies who don’t need a room of their own. If you just want to come together and work side by side, with the opportunity to break off for a quick brainstorming session every now and then, it’s worth considering workspaces in London that allow you just to book a desk and blend in with the crowd. It’s also a great way to meet like-minded people. Who knows? You might just find a long-term collaborator! 

These kinds of workplaces in London are a great option if you can find a workspace with meeting rooms. That way, you’re not paying for a meeting room that you only use occasionally – you can just book your workspace meeting room whenever you need, and often at a discounted price. 

2. Coworking Space London Day Pass

You can get a coworking membership at Impact Brixton for just £150 per month, and we’re the perfect place to come for a meeting room in Brixton. But if you’re not planning on being in the office a lot, you can just pick up a coworking space day pass to our co working spaces in South London. This will allow you to access a desk for the odd day whenever you need, giving you ultimate flexibility – and total control over your cash flow. 

The best workspaces in London that offer a day pass for their services include Impact Brixton, Huckletree and Uncommon. It’s always worth searching workspaces near me to check out your local options – Impact Brixton is the best workspace in South West London for sure, but if you’re way up North it might be a long way to come! Search rent desk space near me, and you’ll be on your way. 

3. Office Hire For a Day

It is very possible to rent an office for a day in London. So if you’re a big team and you prefer your own space, but you’re only looking to meet in person every few weeks, office rental daily is a great option. From office rooms to studio office space to workspace offices in London, you can even rent office space hourly in some cases! 

Whether you go for office space rental hourly or daily, there are lots of spaces and offices in London that can help you find a quiet space to work with your team. Try Regus, Landmark or Second Home to start, and don’t forget to search day offices near me. You’ll discover all sorts of local gems!

4. Fully Remote Working

It’s never been easier to gather a team of innovative creatives from around the world to work together remotely. The rise of remote working platforms including Zoom, Slack and more have made it quick and simple to meet and collaborate – no matter what timeline you’re on. 

If you are going to go for the fully remote option, it’s a good idea to look into getting a virtual office for your startup. This will allow you to register your business to a professional address that can boost your brand’s credibility and give your company a really strong identity – especially if you choose a virtual office provider in a respected startup district. 

Impact Brixton’s virtual office starts from just 0.41p per day, with an address in the heart of bustling Brixton Village – a renowned hub for small businesses in London. You can choose to get your mail forwarded or scanned. Find out more about why virtual offices are a good option for startups here


Navigating the dynamic landscape of office solutions for startups in London has never been more exciting. From coworking to shared workspace, daily office hire to hourly meeting room rental, there are tons of options for teams that want to collaborate closely without spending a huge percentage of their cash flow on an office that they barely use. 

Choosing a forward-thinking office solution allows startups to stay dynamic, working remotely and independently as well as coming together as a team to get exciting ideas off the ground. Dedicated coworking spaces that cater specifically to startups – like Impact Brixton – are a fantastic place to start, allowing startups to meet like-minded entrepreneurs and find long-term collaborators. Discover how Impact Brixton can help you to grow your business with a coworking space, private office, or virtual office now!