“There is a moment before AI and a moment after AI.”

by | Jun 7, 2023

by Gerald Vanderpuye, Founder of Impact Brixton

Everything has changed. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has completely changed the way that we operate. So what does this mean for e-commerce businesses? 

Every so often, revolutionary technology changes everything about how we live and work. We saw it with the internet and are about to see it with AI. Even this year, the release of Chat GPT – a form of Generative AI – caused a seismic shift in content creation, leaving many people wondering how their mortal skills fit in with this new technology. We’ve invented artificial intelligence that looks likely to surpass human intelligence, and soon it will be accessible to all of us. 

So should you be worried? 

There are a lot of legitimate concerns about AI and the regulation of the content it creates. These absolutely need further investigation. But often left out of the conversation are the huge benefits that AI can bring to your business, especially when it’s in the start-up stage. It can be integral to managing your workflow, scaling up your output, and engaging with your customers.

On Friday, June 23rd, I am joined by Winnie Akadjo (Social Commerce and Livestream Shopping Specialist) and Isabelle Ogland (AI Management Consultant at Deeper Insights) to discuss the impact of AI on the e-commerce space. 

We’ll discuss how AI is impacting the e-commerce space and give advice on how to grow your business faster using AI tools. This will be a non-technical session targeted at business owners who want to know what will change and how they can prepare.

We’ll answer the following: 

What is generative AI, and how is it different to the “other AI before”?
How will this disrupt the e-commerce industry?
What are the opportunities e-commerce founders should be thinking about right now?
How do we continue to learn and stay relevant since things are changing so fast? 
As AI continues to grow, how do we continue to connect with our customers in a human way?

If this sounds like something you need, you can get your tickets here. I hope to see you there!