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Unlock Your Potential with Impact Brixton’s Xchange Programme

by | Sep 13, 2023

Exchange Your Time for Coworking at Impact Brixton

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or freelancer seeking to be part of a dynamic, supportive community? Do you have a desire to make a positive impact right here in Lambeth? How about gaining access to a vibrant co-working space in Brixton? If this sounds like your kind of opportunity, then look no further.

Impact Brixton is thrilled to announce the expansion of our Xchange Team, and we’re inviting you to be a part of this exciting journey. Our Xchange Programme allows entrepreneurs like you to contribute your valuable time and skills in exchange for an enhanced workspace membership here at Impact Brixton.  

But what’s the catch, you ask? Well, there isn’t one! We’re simply looking for dedicated hosts who can provide a warm welcome to our members and visitors, adding to the overall magic of our inspiring coworking space. Our hosts are the backbone of Impact Brixton, nurturing our thriving, connected, and friendly community. Join us, and let’s make a positive impact together!

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Your Responsibilities

As a host, you’ll be committing just five hours per week (anywhere Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm) to make Impact Brixton an even more fantastic place for our community. Your role will encompass:

  • Being the friendly face that greets our coworking members 
  • Getting to know our members and their businesses
  • Fostering connections among our members
  • Handling inquiries, phone calls, and emails
  • Assisting with general administration and reception duties
  • Preparing our light and airy space for events and welcoming visitors

And anything else you could contribute to help our community thrive! This could include sharing member opportunities and stories, supporting our events, dabbling in photography, or creating engaging social media content. We’re keen to hear what skills you could bring to Impact Brixton in exchange for a coworking membership. 

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How It Works

In return for your hosting commitment, we’ll welcome you into our Xchange membership program. As an Xchange member, you’ll receive a free Flexi Membership worth £150 per month! This membership allows you to enjoy:

  • Free hotdesking for eight days every month at Impact Brixton
  • A generous 50% discount on Impact Brixton Virtual Office memberships
  • A substantial 50% off event space hire
  • A 50% discount on meeting room bookings
  • Free tickets to Impact Brixton events
  • Discounted drinks at our fabulous bar
  • Plus, you’ll become a part of the most exciting entrepreneurial and creative hub in London!

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How to Apply 

Getting started is easy! Just fill out this short form, and we’ll get back to you promptly. If we think you’re a great fit for our community, we’ll invite you to meet the team, explore our incredible workspace, and have a brief chat with us. 

If you have any questions or you’d like to chat to someone before you apply, please send us an email on

Reasons To Apply

Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to our Impact Brixton Xchange programme. If you’re considering applying, here’s why we think it’s a great idea. 

1. Coworking: Your Launchpad to Success

Picture a workspace that’s more than just desks and chairs; it’s a launchpad for your entrepreneurial dreams. Impact Brixton offers exactly that. As an Xchange Programme member, you’ll have access to a vibrant coworking space that’s designed to foster creativity, productivity, and collaboration. It’s the perfect environment to breathe life into your business ideas.

2. Community: Your Support System

Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like a solo mission, but it doesn’t have to be. Impact Brixton’s community is a dynamic, diverse, and inclusive network of professionals who are all passionate about what they do. By joining us, you’re not just gaining access to a workspace; you’re becoming part of a supportive ecosystem that nurtures your growth.

3. Time: Your Most Valuable Resource

In the world of entrepreneurship, time is your most valuable resource. And that’s precisely why we’ve flipped the script. Instead of draining your financial resources, our Xchange Programme allows you to invest your time in the community, earning you incredible perks.

4. Free Coworking: More Than Just Office Space

Your time commitment as an Xchange member involves dedicating just 5 hours per week (Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm) to Impact Brixton. In return, you’ll receive a free Flexi Membership worth £150 per month! This membership is your golden ticket to a world of possibilities; a workspace where your ideas can flourish, and your business can thrive.

5. 50% Off Virtual Office Membership: To Boost Your Brand

As part of your Xchange, you’ll 50% off Impact Brixton Virtual Office memberships. This means that you can register your company at our professional address in the heart of Brixton village for just 0.21p per day. It’s the perfect way to elevate your business with a prestigious business address, giving people confidence in your brand. 

5. 50% Off Event Space Hire: To Grow Your Audience

We have event space that can hold anywhere from 10 to 100 people, with a variety of options to suit your needs. That means that you can host your workshops, seminars, and product launches like a pro.

6. 50% off Meeting Rooms: For Impressing Your Clients 

Zoom is great, but there’s nothing like fostering that in-person connection. Our light and welcoming meeting rooms will allow you to impress clients and partners with well-equipped meeting spaces.

7. Free Tickets to Impact Brixton Events: To Grow Your Network

Entrepreneurial ideas don’t flourish in isolation. They thrive when nurtured in a collaborative environment. At Impact Brixton, you’ll find a community that’s eager to share insights, offer feedback, and join forces to help each other succeed. The opportunities for collaboration are endless, and the innovation it sparks is boundless. You’ll get discounted drinks at the bar, too. Because even entrepreneurs need a little downtime!

8. Social Impact: An Investment in the Community 

Your 5 hours a week are an investment in more than just a workspace. They’re an investment in your business growth, your professional network, and your entrepreneurial journey. It’s time well spent, leading to tangible results. Plus, as Impact Brixton is a not-for-profit organisation, all of your time is spent supporting the free training and mentoring we provide to empower local entrepreneurs. 

8. Potential: Giving You The Freedom to Evolve

Entrepreneurship is an evolving journey, and your needs change as you grow. Impact Brixton understands this, which is why our Xchange Programme is flexible. It adapts to your evolving business requirements, giving you the freedom to explore, experiment, and chart your own path to success.

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The Fine Print

  • Membership and space hire credit doesn’t accumulate – use it or lose it!
  • Host shifts are scheduled between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm, with each shift lasting five hours.
  • We kindly ask for a minimum commitment of six months, with no more than three absences in this period.
  • Yes, you are welcome to work more than one shift per week if you’re feeling extra inspired!

So, are you ready to embrace the opportunity to thrive, connect, and make a positive impact with Impact Brixton’s Xchange Programme? Join us today, and let’s embark on this exciting journey together! Your dream workspace and a welcoming community await.

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