Choosing Community Over Single-Day Co-Working Access

by | Dec 1, 2020

Why We’ve Chosen Community over Single Day Co-Working Access

We have recently experimented with using aggregators like Wecoffee to provide us with more customers. Platforms like Wecoffee allow nomads looking for somewhere to work to use lots of spaces across London, paying between £10- £20  to use different shared spaces around the city.  

This kind of hyper-agile desk-hopping can be fun for the roaming member, since they get to experience different environments and meet more people. But for us and our members, too much transient footfall can get in the way of our mission to build a great community.

Prioritising Impact and Diversity

Following this trial, we have decided not to go down this route and have made a decision to become a members-only co-working space, which means we will no longer be accepting one day access. 

We have always prided ourselves on our close community and worked hard to create a culture of real generosity and collaboration amongst all members. For this to work, we have to be sure that members are also interested in becoming part of a community.  We are a diverse community and want to ensure this remains the case as we grow and deepen our impact.   

Curating a Collaborative Culture

We find that once a member makes a decision to join and stay in our community, they care more , they give more and they behave in a way that creates a collaborative and positive culture. 

We want to build a community who go above and beyond for each other, stopping to engage beyond small talk, yet comfortable enough to say “I’m busy now …let’s talk later.” A community that allows our entrepreneurs access to more business opportunities through our membership network. Finally we all want a family and a safe place to call home away from home. If you are looking for a community to connect with, build your business or simply work from (for more than one day) visit us at Impact Brixton and apply to join.